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A Prison Cell With Obama's Name on it
by Randal M. Bundy - 24 November 2014
Obama in Prison
Even Democrat Loyalists know Obama is a Criminal and May go to jail and perhaps Secretly they are also hoping for it too.  Although in this particular case they were actual only saying that to raise money for the Democrat Party and soliciting Sympathy for the Devil.  A mass email was sent from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Sunday trying to drum up support from feelow democrats who are still licking their wounds recieved from the ass kickick they got in the mid-term elections.  Their stradegy seems to against be totally misalyned with the majority of even their own party, as they were warning that Obama is in danger of impeachment, or even worse, jail time.  This is exactly what most of the democrats are actually hoping for since in their eyes he has destroyed their party.  This above image is what most of us are hoping to see, Obama in Prison with all of the others who were accomplises in his Criminal Violations of the Constitution.  Prison is most certainly a suitable place and end for despots, tyrants and dictator like him. 

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