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AKM - My Prefered Weapon of Choice
by Wat Tyler
Now I am no great fan of the typical Russian Weapons, but this one does have to be considered a true contribution to warfare.  However the Russians themselves can not take credit for the actual invention of it although they can take credit for making it the most common and popular weapon in the world today. 

In fact it was the Germans who rightful can take credit for its invention and first development.  They named it The "StG 44" which is an abbreviation of "Sturmgewehr 44" or in English "Assault Rifle 44"  it is also known as "P 43" and "MP 44" (Maschinenpistole 43, Maschinenpistole 44 respectively).  It is rightfully considered to be the Grandfather of All Modern Day Assault Rifles and in it day, in Germany it was the height of Technology and was issued primarily to the "SS" and other "Special Units". 
Sturmgewehr 44
Now The Russians claim that their man, "Mikhail Kalashnikov" designed and developed it, however it actually took him between 1946 to 1948 before he could actually accomplish the task of back-engineering and putting in to production the altered version of the "StG 44". 

So no matter how much the Russians take credit for it's invention and development, the truth of the matter is that like the Chinese, the Russians may be good at stealing and back engineering things but they lack the necessary gene or ability that enables to actually invent anything of value. However like the Chinese, I suppose they are good at producing their own label and slapping it on the items they steal and then calling it "Their Invention". I suppose that statement will not win me any friends in Russia or China, but the Truth sometimes has to be told.

The AK's or what in Russia the call, the Kalashnikov, can rightfully be called the "Poor Mans weapon".  However it could also be referred to as a weapon that makes sense.  It is reliable, Rugged, Easy to operate, easy to break down, clean and reassemble.  Personally I like the idea of keeping everything as simple as possible.  What some people might refer to as "Idiot Proof" I simply assert that the more difficult you make things the more odds you have of things not working when you need them too.  In combat complexity could get you and allot of people killed.

The other consideration is cost.  Even in a time when prices have increased dramatically, the cost of the typical AK is far lower that that of an AR-15, or any other semi-auto weapon.  When I bought my two AK's the prices for each was around $400.  The prices spiked at a certain time after Obama usurped the Office of President and began talking about taking guns away from the people, in clear violation of the Constitution.  He was also joined in chorus by the rest of the leftist-democrats in Congress and some of the leftists Governors.  I saw the prices spike at around $1,000 and now they are back down to about $600 for the standard AK and around $1,000 to $1,500 for the AR-15's.

Ammunition also seems to be far lower in price for the 7.63X 39 which is standard for the AK's.  The 5.56 mm used by the AR-15's is significantly more, but off hand I do not know exactly by how much.

Now as for the range or distance of accuracy, I think they are almost the same.  I remember from when I was in service, the M-16's had an accuracy range of around 365 meters.  The AK's may advertise 300 meter accuracy but I think that is considered with Iron Sites.  I have fired them at ranges of about 400 meters with a scope and hit right on target every time.

We also have to consider that in combat, most likely the combatants will be firing at each other at around 200-300 meters anyway.  Anything further than that a Sniper with a long range rifle will be able to take care of business.

So in my opinion the AK takes the field.  However if a person prefers the AR-15 variety then there's nothing wrong there either.  Most people who have been in Military Service will have gone through basic training with the M-4, which is just an updated version of the M-16 that I qualified with in basic training.  Those people might be more comfortable with it because that is all they have known, and that is fine also.  Whatever you choice is, don't come to the party unarmed.


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