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2nd Amendment Rights
Gun Control is a Tactic of the Enemies of A Free People

by Randal M. Bundy

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
- Constitution of the United States, Second Amendment (known as the Bill of Rights)

It has always been my contention that gun control does not reduce crime and that the effects of gun control are actually the exact opposite.  When a city completely banns all forms of private gun ownership they are actually sending a clear message to criminals that there community is a good mark , full of unarmed citizens who obviously do not believe in violence or gun ownership.  What more would a professional criminal want. 

Apparently the FBI Statistics over the years agree with me and I now find there is even a Harvard Study that also confirms my beliefs:  Harvard Study: No Correlation Between Gun Control and Less Violent Crime.

So the entire theory of, "No Guns, No Violence" was nonsense all along.  Common sense and the evidence was there all along but was being ignored and falsified by liberals, leftists, and those left over hippies of the 60's and 70's who tried to advocate pacivism to a drug induced populous of naive youth.  The question is, "Why".  Why is it that these anti-gun people attempted to perpetrate an outright lie all these years and deceive the entire population?  I have several theories which all work together into one general conclusion as to the true motives behind the entire gun control movement and those who are behind the movement itself.  I will attempt to explain in the following.

First and foremost we, the freedom loving people of not only the United States but the entire world must conclude that we live in a dangerous world, full of very dangerous people.  There are rapists out there roaming the streets just looking for female and male victims to rape.  Yes I did say males victims too.  Several years ago in and around the University of Cincinnati Area there were a series of ratings of men on men in which the perpetrator used a gun to rape other younger university age men.  Of course as we all know this is a rare event and most raping are conducted by male on female.
Randal M. Bundy, RMB News Report
Our founding fathers knew that the world was a very dangerous and unsafe place to be.  Back in those times of course for a person to be without a weapon to protect themselves in the frontier, death would occur very quickly.  The founding fathers also knew damn well from experience that the first thing a tyrannical government will do would to attempt to disarm the general public and thus reduce the chances of a successful rebellion against a tyrannical dictatorship.  The founding fathers knew all to well that complete power corrupts completely and that many do have it with in there nature to abuse power.

Perhaps they knew also that in order for a man or woman to achieve power by election that person must contains the a certain nature of leadership that is easily abused and that person could very well not be willing to settle for limited power over the people and the desire for complete dictatorial power was soon to follow.  The founding fathers themselves in writings have made it quite clear, the entire purpose of the 2nd amendment was to preserve national sovereignty, quell insurrection, and protect against tyranny.

The Anti-Gun movement is predominate among the leftist revolutionaries, the bleeding heart liberals and the progressives.  Now the Leftists Revolutionaries and the Progressives both seem to have the same common goal of Communists and Complete Control over the masses.  Now the their methods of achieving this goals differs in how to achieve it.  The leftists want to achieve it by violent take over if necessary and the progressives want to achieve it by a slower brainwashing techniques and infiltrating from within institutions of higher education (the universities) and the lower levels (high schools, grade schools and all the way down to preschool and kindergarten).  In essence the want to get there hands on the minds of your children at the early formidable years of a child.

Now the true enemy of the Leftists, Liberals and Progressives is the rugged individualist, the self sufficient and the independent minded person.  It is just like a dope dealer who wants to turn a segment of the population into drug addicts and keep them coming back for more.  Liberals, Leftists and Progressives are pretty much the same.  The drug of choice for the liberals, leftists and progressives is Government Entitlements.  You see if you can condition a population and have them become addicted to this type of thinking and lifestyle and dependency, then you have addicted and obedient slaves who it will be in their best interest to keep voting for you and your political party.  The Leftist, Liberal and Progressive does not care in the slightest bit that a large segment of the population is sucking the resources out of the country by being lazy and not working and not making any efforts to work.  Their answer will inevitably be to just keep increasing taxes and take the money from those who nature it is to gravitate toward the opposite of the constituent of the leftists, liberals and progressives. 

Now to the uninformed all this might seem like a grand scale conspiracy theory.  However for those who actually take the time to read the writing of the leftists, liberals and progressives it will become clear that this is their true design.

Now for the average person this all seems absolutely absurd.  Why would people in power want the population to be ignorant, dependant and un-ambitious and continually voting the same people into office.  You ask yourself would not this be setting a bad example for the people who would otherwise be what used to be called, "productive members of society"?  Well the answer is yes it does but you must consider that by the nature of the ideology of the left, and I mean the true ideology and not just the nonsense they have been peddling to the populous, it benefits the leadership of the leftists, liberals and progressives to achieve their place among the elite ruling class of this new society in which they hope to create.  This society consist of drones at the very bottom, in the mid-level will be the intellectuals and educators and at the very top will be the ruling class.  How do the ruling class of the leftist believe they can take power completely and hold it?  The answer is eventually have the entire lowest class dependant upon the mid-level class and the ruling class for even the bare essentials of life, food, housing, medical care, everything from the cradle to the grave.  Now this class may be dependant and non-productive now that that suits the need of the ruling class, but eventually this class will be turned back into a labor force of drone workers.
For those in the mid-level the which consist of the educating class, the teachers, the university professors and also many of the entertainers the promise will be that their position will be one of an easier life than the benefits they receive will be far greater than those in the lowest class.  They are the ones who will be molding the next generation in their role in this leftist life.

Now at the very top of course in the leadership, the dictator and his family and close personal friends and certain other selected privileged ones. 

If any of this sounds too far fetched, well you need only look to North Korea right now to see a working model of this type of society in action.  You need only look to China in the not too distant past to also see that it was in effect there too and to some degree the Chinese Government still maintains a modified form.  Russia until the early 1990's also had the same type of system as does Cuba, Vietnam and many other countries, it is called Communism.

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